Beyond the Book Cover 03 | Hello, Goodbye and Everything in Between

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I wasn’t able to read this book’s overview so I didn’t have any idea on what to expect. But (as usual) I was taken aback at how deeply I was affected by the events in it. The first book of Jennifer E. Smith that I read was The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight, and the setting was just for a day but it turned out very beautiful. I loved the way Jennifer wrote her stories. It was as if I know the characters by heart, it’s as if I’ve lived with them eversince. And this book made me love her even more.

The love story of Clare and Aidan was the most romantic, and heartbreaking ever. I kept on thinking that Clare and Aiden should do this instead, remain together instead of breaking up, daradara; it frustrated me that instead of holding on and trying to work out their relationship they chose to break it off but I remembered how I did the same exact thing when I was in the same situation. But the one thing that this book would always be in my heart, is that when things are supposed to happen, no matter how long it takes and no matter how hard it is to attain, it will happen. Maybe things fall apart so things could fall into place.

So these are some of the excerpt from a beautiful book.

“To fit two whole years into one final evening; to dump all the pieces out of the box and then put them back together again in the right order so that they can see the whole thing spread out before them.”

“The problem wasn’t that they didn’t match; it was that they matched almost too well. They were both loud and funny, fearless and loyal, completely and utterly magnetic. It’s just that they’d spent the better part of their lives repelling each other.”

“‘Because we agreed that we have to live our own lives,’ he says a little sadly. ‘And I get that. I do. But it doesn’t mean we can’t still be together.”

“Because love wasn’t something you could take back. It was like a magic spell: Once you said the words, they were simply out there, shifting and changing everything.”

“…whether what they say is true: that second love is the best kind.”

“But either way, something about this has made her overly cautious when it comes to love. There’s too much uncertainty, too many chances to make mistakes.”

“It’s true that the world is full of signs. They just mean different things to different people.”

“They’re like two trees whose branches have grown together. Even if you pull them out by the trunks, they’re still going t be twisted and tangled and nearly impossible to separate at the roots.”

“Sometimes the hardest things are the ones most worth doing.”

“I love you,” (Note: this, you’d figure out why it is worth quoting when you realized that it is in the book when you read it. You’d know why those three words meant so much.)

“That’s what college is for–you’re supposed to try new things even if it means making mistakes. If you stop overthinking everything, maybe you’ll have a little more fun.”

“I mean… how am I ever supposed to stop missing you if you’re only a phone call away?”

“We either grow apart of grow together. But maybe we can just kind of each grow on our own, and see how it goes. And then later, if it’s right, we’ll come back to each other and start again.”


“…three whole months apart, three whole months of silence, was enough to make her dizzy. With his clear blue eyes and the reddish stubble along his jaw, he looked completely different and yet also staggeringly, heartbreakingly familiar.”

“She sits there for a long, for what feels like forever, and then, when she’s finally ready, she removes the note gingerly, using both hands to flatten the page. All it says is this: Is it later yet? and here’s the amazing thing: Now it was.”

“Prologue is always the best part of the story.”

Everything that Clare and Aidan did happened only overnight. They were both awake the whole night trying to remember the things they did at the places they went to. I was blown away, especially in the end: After everything, it’s still him and her.

Oh, love.

Rate: 8/10



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