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I’m not fastidious with books that I read. Whatever’s available when I finish a book, I would likely to start reading. First, because I don’t want to really feel the hollow in my chest whenever I realize that I am already at the last page of the book. It feels like it’s my last day as well. So, I eagerly start a book right after. Without having the chance to check out the overview of Janet Gurtler’s book, I quickly flipped over the table of contents and gave life to it.

I used to say that my cousins were my only true friends; they know every little bit about me, they’ve seen me grow, they watched me fall and get up, and they helped me through life. But then sometime in your life, you’ll meet that one person that will be your best friend—someone that somehow changed your life forever. The story is superb. It has every detail of a love for a true friend—unselfish, understanding, and kind. It got my heart twisted into endless knots, needing and badly wanting to change the way Grace treats Kya. No, Grace doesn’t treat Kya in a bad way, but Grace treats her very well that it often leads to Grace giving up things for her, very important things. She was so good and it’s not helping Kya grow up and stand on her own feet. Honestly, at first I was very reluctant to continue reading for a reason I don’t know, until I came to realize that maybe it was because I am under the same situation. I hate how Grace loves Kya because I can see myself in her. It was selfless and forgiving. It’s not healthy but then all I wanted is for her to find genuine happiness. Not that she is sad, but she’s not happy either. And I want her to feel it. It’s these things that some books lack. The way it made me feels extremes. Extreme happiness and sadness. And the most beautiful part of it is how Grace finally decided to let Kya go. One did their own thing without the other and they both learned how to live without having to depend on the relationship they had. I know this review states some of the opposites of friendship as positive and you wouldn’t understand… unless you read the book.

Favorite lines


“I think everyone has a sad story if you look hard enough.”

“Bad things sometimes tarnished people’s soul.”

“There were some things she couldn’t get over. It wasn’t always black and white.”

“She reminded me of a sleeping little girl, a hurt little kid acting out. I blinked back new tears. I understood. The innocence she’d lost.”

“Why do you always do that? Stick up for her? Even when she makes a complete mess of things. Which she is showing exceptional talent for more and more lately.”

“Friends are there for each other, even when they screw up.”

“No offense to Kya but she’s more like an appetizer. You’re a full-course meal.”

“Time to go take out my best friend.”

“Things aren’t always the way they seem.”

“At what point do you walk away from someone who involves you in their screw-ups?”

“The difference between me and you, is that I don’t think that it makes everything she does okay. She played us.”

“You’ve spent so much time worrying about her, you don’t even think about what you need. And whether she’s the best friend for you.”

“It’s hard to know what the right thing to do is sometimes.”

“How were we supposed to know the right thing to do?”

(from acknowledgementst)

“Lastly, this book is for you. You and your best friend. Whatever your story. Cherish the good times.”


I’ve said it over and over again, I hate seeing acknowledgments but for whatever odd reason, I started reading the acknowledgments of this book hoping to find more, but all I had was the last line from Miss Gurtler herself. And this book really is for my best friend and I.

Rate: 10/10



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  1. This showed up on my Mention app and I have to say, I love this review very much. Thank you for writing it and I’m glad the book gave you some feels. 🙂
    Janet Gurtler

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