Film Photography, where to start?

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I recently came across an old camera (the one with films) when I was looking for a second hand phone to buy for my brother who badly wanted to play Pokemon Go on his phone but unfortunately, his phone isn’t smart enough to let him play. Anyway, my curiosity arose when I googled film photography and displayed series of blogs regarding Lomography. So with a few clicks here and there, reading each article that I found, I suddenly wanted to try this. (FYI: I don’t own any camera as of the moment. The ones I use are my cousins’ properties. All I have is a phone camera.) This has led me to watch videos in YouTube teaching film photography for beginners. Upon asking questions to some professional photographers through their emails, I suddenly had the urge to buy and own a film camera. I then found a group in Facebook Lomomanila Marketplace that consists of lomography enthusiasts. There, I found good deals for second hand cameras. YET, I still don’t know what actual camera to buy. The cheapest second hand SLR that I saw in that group costs around PHP 1,000 – PHP 3,000. Too bad, they’re already sold, but I still researched about the camera and I think it could be enough for beginners like me.

These are the cameras I came across:

pen ee3

Olympus Pen EE3


Olympus Pen EED


Pentax Auto 110

I honestly don’t have any ideas on how these cameras differ except from the articles that I’ve read through google. Also, I recently talked to someone concerning my plan on learning film photography who suggested that I try to look for old cameras in Hidalgo Street. He said that I could score a good deal in many camera shops around Hidalgo.

So, as usual, I goodled Hidalgo Street. Lo and behold, I realized that I was there three days before I came across film photography because my usual transportation was disrupted by some technical failure, so I took my plan B. There were many articles that says people can really get good deals from Hidalgo but I wasn’t really sure if they were talking about vintage cameras or if they were talking about Digital Cameras.

I am planning to squeeze some time in my schedule to visit Hidalgo Street and look for for an old camera but in great condition. Though I probably would buy around December because I have to re-new my passport first!

Please, please, if ever you came across this post and have some suggestions for a newbie like me, leave it in the comment box below! or email me at I would take (and I’m desperate) for any suggestions from the ones who already has experience with film photography 🙂 Tsaka ko na iisipin ang film na gagamitin.

Don’t forget your suggestions!




5 thoughts on “Film Photography, where to start?

  1. Film Photography is love! ❤ I'm a newbie myself. I started 2 years ago and I knew the moment I held my first film cam that I was swept off my feet! If it helps, you can also join the "Film Photography Swap" group on facebook where there are tons of film enthusiasts and sellers that would be able to help you out! It's also where I got my first ever film camera. You can also follow @film4ever on instagram where I got 2 cams last year. By joining groups as such, you'd get tips on where to buy films, where to get them processed and where to get your cameras cleaned. You're sure to find cameras in good conditions (sellers do tell if their cameras have defects or if in mint condition), and you'd get to meet other photographers/enthusiasts.

    If you want to get an SLR, I say get a fully manual film SLR first so you get to familiarize and train yourself in getting the proper exposure by setting the aperture and shutter speed on your own.

    I also own an Olympus PEN EES-2 (which I got from @film4ever and an older version of the one that you have on the first photo above). It's a fixed-lens, half frame camera so you get to shoot 2 photos in 1 frame, so you get to maximize your film!

    Good luck in venturing into film photography! Whatever camera you choose to buy, make sure to do your research (there are some websites that offer free manuals of almost all film cameras ever made like or, study the manuals, check out sample photos shot using the camera of your choice, and ask the sellers for any defects and probably for discounts too before purchasing it. LOL. 🙂


    1. Thanks for the insightful comment! I thought my comment was posted awhile ago. Anyway, I came across your blog and I loved it. Reading it makes me feel giddy. Thanks also for the recommendation of the facebook page (to which I already joined) and the instagram account. I also joined the the group Lomomanila and Lomomanila Marketplace but my cousin is insisting for me to buy my first film camera at the Photographer’s Haven (Hidalgo). I’ll sure look into details and specs of the cameras I’m aiming to buy before buying it.

      P.S. Reading your blog helped clear my mind (I frequently have second thoughts in buying: is it worth it? will I enjoy it?) Your blog was of a great help to me. Continue blogging and spread the love for Film Photography! :-),


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