lost love

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The sound of your voice brings me comfort I never knew existed. We barely see each other and we only get to hang out after months or years of not seeing each other. But we talk. We talk about so many things; our problems, the universe, celebrities, politics, songs—almost… just almost about everything.

I fell in love with the way you see the world.
Your eyes hold so much more than what people can see when they look at you.
Your voice—it’s soothing that it can utter words so kind the entirety of human existence can come clean from all the bullshits it has.
Your hair, disarrayed after you’ve lain in your bed for most of the time looks so good that I badly wanted to run my fingers on it again and again.
Your lips that hang slightly open as you listen to what I say make me want to nibble it so bad.

I fell in love with the way people treat you like someone so strong yet so soft.
Your words can go harsh for as long as you want but your heart shines through it the moment we talk about all the things you love.
Your breath that smells mint and smoke got me intoxicated and nearly drowning.
Your hands—rough and soft, ran through mine nonchalantly that it sent shivers down to my spine and you weren’t aware of the effect you have on me.

I fell in love with you.

The way my name sounds like when you’re the one saying it.
The way my hands feel so little when you’re holding it, making me realize that after all, I fit somewhere in this world.
The way my heart beats crazy when you start laughing so hard.
The way I cry whenever I see you genuinely, definitely, absolutely happy.

I fell in love with the way you mess up things.
Like how you stumble to keep your balance in life and how you keep track of your failures to make sure you’re alive. You’re more than your happy-go-lucky persona that you show to everyone around you and I wish more people see that side of you.

And I know it’ll be hard—to forget you, I mean.
I’ve seen the worst of you.
I’ve experienced you drowning from all the wrong things.
I’ve kissed you so fiercely, giving up all my rational thoughts because just for this once, I feel like maybe I deserve to feel you.

And all those times you screwed up so bad,
I know it’ll be hard,
because I still love you so bad.


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