Asiah Althea

This is the place where all my thoughts reside; where my heart’s content can be found. A solemn place where I can be true to myself, whine, and stock the most beautiful memories I have. This is my life. And you’re now in it.

2016-03-29 10.09.12 1.jpg

Asiah Althea pronounced as ‘Asiya Alteya’

I don’t know how you found me, or this blog. Maybe you searched something that I blogged about, or you were in random stuff and you happen to accidentally click up on my site, or maybe… you know me—personally, or just my name. Anyway, Hi! Glad you’re here. 🙂 I came out to this world 1997 of May 2, a Thursday. Grew up in Northern and Southern part of the Philippines, which is kind of awesome. I played badminton, table tennis, and volleyball. I am currently studying in an all-girls school in Manila, taking up BS Psychology and AB Guidance and Counseling. I like to drown my thoughts and feelings in books, music, and art. I like going out with some friends sometimes, and other times I want alone time—no in-between; a living proof of an ambivert. I love sunrises and sunsets, and a warm day. I used to hate the sound of the rain because it scares the hell out of me but I’ve learned to love it now because I feel more relaxed. I have a lot of things going in my mind, hence the blog. Take the journey with me, and know the Ambivert girl behind all the entries in this blog. See ya.




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