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Four Seasons – A poem

I was waiting for you
Until the sun shone,
The people flocked on the beach,
And my hopes were all dried up

I was waiting for you
Until the drizzle came,
Turned into a hurricane,
Wiped all my tears away

I was waiting for you
Until the leaves fell,
The ground brown and well,
But I was alone and much couldn’t tell

I was waiting for you
Until the first snow fell
Christmas carols were everywhere
Yet my hands were cold with my heart freezing with sadness

I was done waiting for you
Then all of a sudden
You were there

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Beyond the Book Cover 07 | Before Ever After


I suppose you already know how I’m a knocked-out-romantic-hopeless reader. I didn’t want to read those sad novels that make you cringe, and cry, and weep at the peak of the climax except that I want to read it. I didn’t want to feel the pain some characters go through but I want to cry and weep with them as well. I am torn in between reading these kinds of novels. How do I know if a book is that ‘kind’ of novel? Well, google. Goodreads. Book reviews. They’re everywhere and I even got friends spoiling me with tidbits of information. But with this book, I only got Goodreads reviews telling me what to expect.

One day in my life, as I listened to my professor in literature talk about various Filipino novelists, I found myself opening my mobile data and search for each one of them. I’ve found gems of different genre from the list of authors she gave us. Then when I got home, I researched thoroughly and that’s when I stumbled across Samantha Sotto’s book, Before Ever After. I listed about three books and presented it to the class for some references on what book we are going to read for our final paper. Most of which are fiction. I then presented the book’s synopsis and reviews that I got from the said site. My blockmates voted for her book. I even relayed false information saying that the book can be bought for 235php (around $4-$5) because that’s what the local bookstore’s website’s price. When we checked it out, it was for 400php++ ($6). We opted to get the eBook instead. (I have the ebook copy. So… if you’re looking for it you can email me.) Continue reading “Beyond the Book Cover 07 | Before Ever After”

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Five Years Later, 1826 Days After

in that same coffee shop

that witnessed what could have been,

what should have been;

came the day they sat across each other

feeling the strong nostalgia,

killing the dreams they both made

when they finally decided to go separate ways.

she was looking through his eyes

trying to remember what it looked like

when it was still wearing the spark they both shared.

he held her gaze

trying so hard to swallow the fact

that he lost the only one that truly matters.

and they both wander in each other’s mind

asking the same questions they have last time they were there,

‘what happened to us?’

five years later, they met up

and she finally spoke her mind

“we’ve grown apart.”

it also took him 1826 days to finally say the words

“yes, because I screwed up.”

he saw remorse in his eyes

she wanted to ease him

except that she won’t

she won’t come running back to him anymore

because five years later, she learned how to love herself

more than she loves him;

because 1,826 days after

she realized she was doing a lot better without him.

five years later, 1,826 days after…

He realized he lost the love of his life.

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Next To You

Hundreds and thousands of things had been in my mind throughout the day. You called and told me to come to your house because you wanted to see me and spend some time with me. There, we talked about the most mundane things to the most important ones. I haven’t felt the weariness that I have felt before coming to you. The day ended too fast meaning I have to go home, but you didn’t let me. You told me to stay and sleep there instead. I said yes, too tired to argue.

I rested on your bed after fixing myself, stared at your plain white ceiling trying to answer questions that had been running in my head – why did I come here with just one phone call? Why am I too tired to go home? The questions I keep asking myself are leading me to the highest heights of denial.

I miss you, yet can’t bring myself to admit it.

How many times did I wish to lay down with someone I love? How many times did I daydream about staying up until four in the morning talking about things? How many times did I ask myself the same questions over and over again?

You lied down beside me and stared at your ceiling too. We talked and talked until you finally fell asleep, faster than what I imagined. I stared at your face – your lashes, your brows, your lips. Everything about you is mesmerizing and I can’t help but smile at myself.

I turned my back from you, trying to keep my feelings to myself. I can’t seem to be sleepy even after a tiring day because my body is fully aware that you are lying beside me. Then you wrapped your arms around me. I closed my eyes trying to savor the moment for I know it won’t last long. You were asleep and you didn’t know what you were doing. I was awake and I know exactly what I’m feeling. Continue reading “Next To You”

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The Last Memory 1


I pull up my blanket from half of my body up to my neck. Some rays of the sun peek through the small gaps of the blinds I installed when I moved into the apartment, warm on my face helping my body adjust to the cold temperature in my room. Last night, I conclude today to be my rest day and I know there is no stopping me. I savour the moment I have with my bed and my warm blanket than turns even cozier in the morning. I feel my throat burn from thirstiness, and then I remember how lazy I am last night, neglecting the need of my body for water. Right now, I can settle to the fact that I am a lazy-ass girl who can’t leave her bed for her own benefit. Well, blame my bed… and pillows… and blanket… and the weather itself. I wonder how possibly it could be that my bed is a lot more comfortable in the morning than it already is. I am just so grateful that it’s my rest day today.

I stare blankly at the plain white ceiling I re-painted weeks ago. I can’t deny the fact that I am badly missing my room back home—painted in pastel blue color, with my painting materials carefully arranged on the cabinet beside the window, Kara on the bunk bed going through the stack of books I have. I miss everything back home, but I have to deal with the choices I made. My doorbell ring for three times and I hesitate for a moment if I should stand up and get the door, or just ignore it away, but in the end, I shrug the laziness away, wrap the robe around my body and head for the door.

“Good day, Isabelle.” It is kind of appalling for me to see Mrs. Bloomberg behind the door holding up a tray with pancakes on it. Mrs. Bloomberg—a woman in her fifties—is my neighbour across our apartment who, by rumours, I learn that she is living alone for almost five years already.

I widen the door opening upon recognizing her face. “Hey, Mrs. Bloomberg, what can I do for you?” I ask flashing her a bright smile. Continue reading “The Last Memory 1”

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Beyond the Book Cover 06 | Love Letters to the Dead

love letters to the dead

Howdy ey! You must’ve thought that this is kinda strange that I’m doing a book review again on the same day and it is mainly because I got my book reviews stacked up already. I’ve read one book to another and I cannot stop myself from doing so. That’s the main reason I’m doing book review one after the other. Aaaaaaaand! I am stoked becaaaaz this book is in progress with the movie adaptation, yay or nay? IT’S YAY! Remember the director who did the Twilight adaptation? Yep, Catherine Hardwicke will do the screen adaptation of Love Letters to the Dead. Did I say this yet again? But yes, I am excited. Thrilled, even.

Continue reading “Beyond the Book Cover 06 | Love Letters to the Dead”

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Beyond the Book Cover 05 | How I Lost You



I’m not fastidious with books that I read. Whatever’s available when I finish a book, I would likely to start reading. First, because I don’t want to really feel the hollow in my chest whenever I realize that I am already at the last page of the book. It feels like it’s my last day as well. So, I eagerly start a book right after. Without having the chance to check out the overview of Janet Gurtler’s book, I quickly flipped over the table of contents and gave life to it.

I used to say that my cousins were my only true friends; they know every little bit about me, they’ve seen me grow, they watched me fall and get up, and they helped me through life. But then sometime in your life, you’ll meet that one person that will be your best friend—someone that somehow changed your life forever. The story is superb. It has every detail of a love for a true friend—unselfish, understanding, and kind. It got my heart twisted into endless knots, needing and badly wanting to change the way Grace treats Kya. No, Grace doesn’t treat Kya in a bad way, but Grace treats her very well that it often leads to Grace giving up things for her, very important things. She was so good and it’s not helping Kya grow up and stand on her own feet. Honestly, at first I was very reluctant to continue reading for a reason I don’t know, until I came to realize that maybe it was because I am under the same situation. I hate how Grace loves Kya because I can see myself in her. It was selfless and forgiving. It’s not healthy but then all I wanted is for her to find genuine happiness. Not that she is sad, but she’s not happy either. And I want her to feel it. It’s these things that some books lack. The way it made me feels extremes. Extreme happiness and sadness. And the most beautiful part of it is how Grace finally decided to let Kya go. One did their own thing without the other and they both learned how to live without having to depend on the relationship they had. I know this review states some of the opposites of friendship as positive and you wouldn’t understand… unless you read the book.

Continue reading “Beyond the Book Cover 05 | How I Lost You”

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Picture in Motion 01

I usually dread the last day of the week (Friday) because of the long vacant hour I have this second semester. I tried filling it up with another subject but there is no available schedule for me. So I was left with no choice but to suck it up for the whole semester. But today went very well. My best friend, Clarisse, and I reserved a booth last Wednesday on our school’s production booth, where you can watch the available movies they have for free. We didn’t have to go out of the school to spend our four-hour vacant. We decided to watch P.S. I love you (2007), a movie that Gerard Butler, and Hilary Swank starred in, and was directed by Richard LaGravanese.

ps i love you

It’s kind of funny because for two years now, I’ve been wanting to watch that movie and I don’t know why I did not watched it. I think, I viewed its trailer for like, a hundred times already but hadn’t decided to watch it—until today. C keeps on telling me how she already forgot the plot of the movie and she really wants to watch it again, so we did. The problem was, we reserved the booth for an hour and a half without knowing that the movie lasts for 2 hours and 5 minutes. We had to forward some parts in order to finish the whole movie, since the staff kept on reminding us that they will close at twelve noon. Continue reading “Picture in Motion 01”

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Beyond the Book Cover 04 | Between Us and the Moon


When I started reading this book, I was a little confused because I forgot that it was not the same book I opened and started reading. I have mistaken the cover, maybe. I shrugged off my mishap and continued reading anyway. At first, I can’t really cope up with the story because I don’t have any background on what I was reading and my mind keeps mistaking the book to the other book. So I gathered all my willpower to concentrate and I eventually found myself enjoying the story, badly wanting to tag along with Bean- oops! Sarah, I mean. And Andrew. Yup.

I got the hang of the book when I started plotting my own revenge to the guy who broke Beanie’s heart, Tucker. I’ve always admired people who are into more complex things. Like, science, math, stars and the horizon, and everything that’s deep within the earth’s surface. It feels refreshing to go on an adventure with a free-spirited girl who imitated other people and ended up finding out who she truly is. She was so used with the things she had done all throughout her existence, not knowing that there are so much more in the world. And this guy (oh so hot), showed her a different world that amazed her. She showed the guy the world she knew and made him fall in love, so deep, unintentionally(?). Twist and turns may had happened, but what’s meant to be, will be.

I love it. I love every word of this book, every page, every part. Well, except, of course, the ‘acknowledgment’. Yup. I totally hate that part. I wanted to continue the book. Like, write my own ending, or continue the love story in my own imagination. But then I realized how I would destroy the magic of the book. I want everyone to understand me when I say how my heart pumped harder when I realized that there is no more next page. That’s the last word you read, I kept telling myself. In order for you to understand me, go on. Grab your copy. Start reading. And get lost in the moon. Hihi!

So, as usual, these are my favorite excerpts from Rebecca Maizel’s Between Us and the Moon.

“The warmth of his body against mine is unfair. He will pull away amd whatever we are now will be an after.”

“You watch the world. I’m not even sure you live in it.”

“You’ve gotta get a stronger backbone or people will walk all over you.”

“I can’t give up now. I’m so close.”

“The world is an equation. I just have to fill in the right factors to find the answers.”

“Scientists need to be objective about their work and honest with themselves about the validity and success of their hypotheses. But maybe I need to be devoid of emotion to be good at what I do. Maybe to excel you need to be callused so your emotions don’t get confused with the results.”

“I love the stars. They’re my whole life.”

“Sometimes just saying good bye isn’t enough.”

“This moment right now, we can never get it back. If we kiss we’ll never be two people who haven’t kissed before. It will be… the after.”

“You can’t control anyone. Experiments, sure. You can change the variables, establish the controls, and record endless results. But humans? Even humans used in experiments are, at best, unreliable. I’m just saying. You can’t make someone do something they don’t want to do. People aren’t puppets. You could have done a variety of things differently, but you couldn’t have controlled the outcome.”

“Sometimes you have to do what’s right, even if it’s not what you love, for a bunch of different reasons.”

“People are damaged sometimes. But you can’t let their damage walk all over you. You gotta be there for them. Help them pick themselves up and brush off the dirt but you’ve got to protect yourself too.”

“If you’re lying to someone you love, well then they aren’t getting the real you. They’re getting a fraction of you.”

“How do we let go?”

“I wonder… I wonder what would happen tomorrow, if all the stars in the sky burned out and the world went dark – would the Lanternfish survive.”

“She scoots closer and hugs me. She doesn’t let go either. Her grip is stronger than I thought. She squeezes and it’s like a tiny fist clenching around me. Something circles my chest. Achole universe – a constellation. The hook, which has been pulling at me, drawing me to the surface, has brought me all the way to the stars.”