Travel Diary: (Summer 2016) Morong, Bataan

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Morong, Bataan Summer 2016

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Since it had been raining non-stop for a week now here in the Philippines, I realized how this post is long overdue. Other classes have already started and my guilt keeps on kicking me to get my lazy ass do it now. So here… my summer escapade… that was long overdue. I’M SORRY!!!

It was around the second week of May 2016 when we went to the beach. My vacation had just started back then because we were adjusting our Academic Year. It was a badly needed vacation since I had a shitty semester prior to summer vacation. I had been stressed the whole semester because of how badly I behaved and how I tolerated my lazy fat ass. Well, I’m kind of regretting it now.


Anyway, the beach was a private cove and it’s not very popular. It was a small secluded island that is 20-40 minutes away from La Salle Beach in Morong, Bataan. I wasn’t really aware of the name of the beach partly because, I didn’t care to ask anymore. I just needed the time to relax and unwind. The trip was an all-expense paid by my aunt. It was a company outing and they were allowed to bring with them some family members or colleagues who would like to join but have to pay 1,800Php. She insisted on shouldering everything for the trip, so yey! She paid for the cove to be exclusive at the time of our stay, so it had been us, and her co-workers who wandered around the cove for 2 days and 1 night.

We left our house (Caloocan) at around four in the morning because we have to go to Bonifacio Global City in Taguig to fetch my cousin who has work erstwhile to the day we would be leaving. It was a smooth ride since it’s early in the morning and the traffic wasn’t so bad. We reached Subic at around six in the morning whilst we stopped by to eat our breakfast at McDonald’s. We had so much fun inside the car. And thankful enough, we didn’t use our phones for music and opted to listen to the radio instead. The funny thing is, since we are near the border of China, the signal that was adopted by the radio was purely from China and it will switch to the local radio from time to time! It was a funny experience.

The Last Memory 1

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I pull up my blanket from half of my body up to my neck. Some rays of the sun peek through the small gaps of the blinds I installed when I moved into the apartment, warm on my face helping my body adjust to the cold temperature in my room. Last night, I conclude today to be my rest day and I know there is no stopping me. I savour the moment I have with my bed and my warm blanket than turns even cozier in the morning. I feel my throat burn from thirstiness, and then I remember how lazy I am last night, neglecting the need of my body for water. Right now, I can settle to the fact that I am a lazy-ass girl who can’t leave her bed for her own benefit. Well, blame my bed… and pillows… and blanket… and the weather itself. I wonder how possibly it could be that my bed is a lot more comfortable in the morning than it already is. I am just so grateful that it’s my rest day today.

I stare blankly at the plain white ceiling I re-painted weeks ago. I can’t deny the fact that I am badly missing my room back home—painted in pastel blue color, with my painting materials carefully arranged on the cabinet beside the window, Kara on the bunk bed going through the stack of books I have. I miss everything back home, but I have to deal with the choices I made. My doorbell ring for three times and I hesitate for a moment if I should stand up and get the door, or just ignore it away, but in the end, I shrug the laziness away, wrap the robe around my body and head for the door.

“Good day, Isabelle.” It is kind of appalling for me to see Mrs. Bloomberg behind the door holding up a tray with pancakes on it. Mrs. Bloomberg—a woman in her fifties—is my neighbour across our apartment who, by rumours, I learn that she is living alone for almost five years already.

I widen the door opening upon recognizing her face. “Hey, Mrs. Bloomberg, what can I do for you?” I ask flashing her a bright smile.

National Museum

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For an insight, I just feel like I need to tell y’all that I haven’t been at the National Museum even during my younger age. Yup, I often see the National Museum (Pambansang Museo) on my way to Taft even before but I hadn’t got the chance to actually visit the place. So last March 3, 2016, my blockmate and I were left alone because our blockmates were either absent, or they aren’t at the school yet. Since they (National Museum staff) offered a free entrance to all women to celebrate National Women’s Month, without a second thought, we rode an FX and went there. Take note: it was a skirt day so we were wearing heels! The guts, right? It was fun of course, but it was tiresome as well especially we were brave enough to stroll around the museum with our high heels on. Damn! That was the most stupid thing I did. Anyway, it was a merry adventure for the both of us.

PICTURES! (of course)


Atenean wearing their uniform

If only, maybe, I could touch the sky,

Then I’d be a lot closer to the star.

The star I badly wanted to become,

The one everyone wondered how it came all the way to the top,

The one that shines so bright, it hurt your eyes.

But maybe I should’ve wished to be the moon

That everyone admires when it’s full

That illuminates everyone’s lives.

I could be a star

But a star,

Darling, at times we can’t even see it shine

The moon,

It’s always there

When darkness starts to engulf the horizon that holds the most beautiful shade of magenta, orange, and blue

The moon shines from above

Rescuing people from darkness

I want to be the moon in their lives

The one who will always be there

Protect them from obscurity,

take back the beauty of their horizon

and watch them from above


The Star, the Moon, and your Horizon

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Pre-Midterm Lazy Post

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It has been so long, I know! And I’m sorry for that. My laptop gave up on me and I got too lazy to do another entry. I’ve already missed on so many post now. My recent post was our cover of Meghan Trainor’s Lips Are Movin’ which took no effort at all since I just linked it when I uploaded it from YouTube. I feel so bad not sharing what happened during the first days of January. My entry for Mr. Goalie was made weeks after New Year and it just happened to be what I am thinking (and still am) at the moment. So much has happened already. I’ve read about three books now, and I haven’t written anything for Beyond the Book Cover entry, yet. My aunt threw a house warming party that I was too lazy to put into words (I am a terrible person, right?). And now, my life is stucked, pretty much, on Midterm week, yet again guys!!! So… I am promising to make two entries (agad agad!) after my Midterm Exams. I don’t care what entry I’ll make, but I’m sure as hell to make it worthy to read, may it be BTBC or Rant or whatsoever, basta may maipost!

Beyond the Book Cover target posts (quotes, review, rating, right after Midterms)

  • Between Us and the Moon by Rebecca Maizel (author of Eternal Dawn, Infinite Days, Vampire Queen series, etc.)


  • Hello, Goodbye, and Everything in Between by Jennifer E. Smith (author of The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight, This is What Happy Looks Like, The Geography of You and Me, etc.)


  • Twenty Boy Summer by Sarah Ockler (author of  The Book of Broken Hearts, Bittersweet, Fixing Delilah, etc.)


I will try my best to come up with a good review right away, and I will try to make review of the books I’ve read in the past before I even had this blog. I’ll re-read and try to remember my reaction back then and how it felt reading it. There is a long list of books already and I am so excited to share it with you, guys!

For the events, places, and food that I would like to share with all of you, I’ll make sure to find the inspiration and energy to put in effort with that post. I haven’t gone in oh-so-wow-jaw-dropping-places yet this 2016, but I am looking forward! Maybe after this semester, or when I already have my first salary (I am planning to work this vacation since we’ll be having our 3-month vacation, by the way) so I will have enough money to spend on leisure.

Guys, I am so sorry if I left this blog hanging but I swear on heaven and earth that I will be more productive. I will also post my experience with Make Your Own Magnum that was located at SM Mall of Asia. So… til the next post! (I promise it won’t take long.)



Mr. Goalie : Let my dreams come true again

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Hi there, folks! I know, I know. It’s so odd for me to post an update on midweek but I don’t know where else to share my excitement over something I don’t know if it would happen, yet (but please let it happen, Lord). So… you probably noticed the title of this post is a little… weird, I guess, but I put it mainly because I have always dreamt and played scenarios in my head of all the things I want to happen in my life. When I was younger (maybe 6 or 7 years old, I think), I used to write it down on a diary my mother gave me and kept it locked under my folded shirts. I remember re-reading all of my entries when I was 13 years old and I was seriously mind blown about the goals I wanted to achieve because ever since then, my goal keeper was named, Mr. Goalie. Sadly, when we moved, I lost the diary and now I don’t have any proof of my 6 year-old self dreaming exactly what I already achieved.