Beyond the Book Cover 07 | Before Ever After

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I suppose you already know how I’m a knocked-out-romantic-hopeless reader. I didn’t want to read those sad novels that make you cringe, and cry, and weep at the peak of the climax except that I want to read it. I didn’t want to feel the pain some characters go through but I want to cry and weep with them as well. I am torn in between reading these kinds of novels. How do I know if a book is that ‘kind’ of novel? Well, google. Goodreads. Book reviews. They’re everywhere and I even got friends spoiling me with tidbits of information. But with this book, I only got Goodreads reviews telling me what to expect.

One day in my life, as I listened to my professor in literature talk about various Filipino novelists, I found myself opening my mobile data and search for each one of them. I’ve found gems of different genre from the list of authors she gave us. Then when I got home, I researched thoroughly and that’s when I stumbled across Samantha Sotto’s book, Before Ever After. I listed about three books and presented it to the class for some references on what book we are going to read for our final paper. Most of which are fiction. I then presented the book’s synopsis and reviews that I got from the said site. My blockmates voted for her book. I even relayed false information saying that the book can be bought for 235php (around $4-$5) because that’s what the local bookstore’s website’s price. When we checked it out, it was for 400php++ ($6). We opted to get the eBook instead. (I have the ebook copy. So… if you’re looking for it you can email me.)


National Museum

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For an insight, I just feel like I need to tell y’all that I haven’t been at the National Museum even during my younger age. Yup, I often see the National Museum (Pambansang Museo) on my way to Taft even before but I hadn’t got the chance to actually visit the place. So last March 3, 2016, my blockmate and I were left alone because our blockmates were either absent, or they aren’t at the school yet. Since they (National Museum staff) offered a free entrance to all women to celebrate National Women’s Month, without a second thought, we rode an FX and went there. Take note: it was a skirt day so we were wearing heels! The guts, right? It was fun of course, but it was tiresome as well especially we were brave enough to stroll around the museum with our high heels on. Damn! That was the most stupid thing I did. Anyway, it was a merry adventure for the both of us.

PICTURES! (of course)


Atenean wearing their uniform