String of Life

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I’m hanging on a thin thread

Trying to stay awake,

Trying to find a way

to live, to smile, to love, to laugh


Lost in the shadow of death

all I see is darkness

all I feel is sadness


lost love

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The sound of your voice brings me comfort I never knew existed. We barely see each other and we only get to hang out after months or years of not seeing each other. But we talk. We talk about so many things; our problems, the universe, celebrities, politics, songs—almost… just almost about everything.

I fell in love with the way you see the world.
Your eyes hold so much more than what people can see when they look at you.
Your voice—it’s soothing that it can utter words so kind the entirety of human existence can come clean from all the bullshits it has.
Your hair, disarrayed after you’ve lain in your bed for most of the time looks so good that I badly wanted to run my fingers on it again and again.
Your lips that hang slightly open as you listen to what I say make me want to nibble it so bad.

I fell in love with the way people treat you like someone so strong yet so soft.
Your words can go harsh for as long as you want but your heart shines through it the moment we talk about all the things you love.
Your breath that smells mint and smoke got me intoxicated and nearly drowning.
Your hands—rough and soft, ran through mine nonchalantly that it sent shivers down to my spine and you weren’t aware of the effect you have on me.

Five Years Later, 1826 Days After

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in that same coffee shop

that witnessed what could have been,

what should have been;

came the day they sat across each other

feeling the strong nostalgia,

killing the dreams they both made

when they finally decided to go separate ways.

she was looking through his eyes

trying to remember what it looked like

when it was still wearing the spark they both shared.

he held her gaze

trying so hard to swallow the fact

that he lost the only one that truly matters.

and they both wander in each other’s mind

asking the same questions they have last time they were there,

‘what happened to us?’

five years later, they met up

and she finally spoke her mind

“we’ve grown apart.”

it also took him 1826 days to finally say the words

“yes, because I screwed up.”

he saw remorse in his eyes

she wanted to ease him

except that she won’t

she won’t come running back to him anymore

because five years later, she learned how to love herself

more than she loves him;

because 1,826 days after

she realized she was doing a lot better without him.

five years later, 1,826 days after…

He realized he lost the love of his life.

If only, maybe, I could touch the sky,

Then I’d be a lot closer to the star.

The star I badly wanted to become,

The one everyone wondered how it came all the way to the top,

The one that shines so bright, it hurt your eyes.

But maybe I should’ve wished to be the moon

That everyone admires when it’s full

That illuminates everyone’s lives.

I could be a star

But a star,

Darling, at times we can’t even see it shine

The moon,

It’s always there

When darkness starts to engulf the horizon that holds the most beautiful shade of magenta, orange, and blue

The moon shines from above

Rescuing people from darkness

I want to be the moon in their lives

The one who will always be there

Protect them from obscurity,

take back the beauty of their horizon

and watch them from above


The Star, the Moon, and your Horizon

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