Too Much of A Woman

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If you ever feel like she’s too much of a woman;
that she’s more of a nagger than a lover
that she’s too fast for you to chase
or too high for you to reach
then you sure don’t deserve
a woman as great as her.
It’s not that she’s too much of a woman for you
It’s that you’re too weak of a man for her.


10 Things I Want From You

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I want you to look at me in the eyes

to hug me from behind

to kiss me goodnight

to make me your confidante

and to hold my hand so tight

I want you to make me the reason behind your smile

to sing for me even if you can’t

to make me your only one, not number one

and to go to church with me

Lastly, I want you to need me the way I need you because I would gladly oblige to be with you every time of every day. Be your best friend, your sister, your lover, and of course, your other half. Be the girl to complete your existence, to fill the abyss in your soul, and to walk with you through the rocky roads because no matter how many times our relationship might fail, I know deep within holding on and fighting for this will be worth it, always.