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I want to share to all of you some wise words from my new favorite author, Jenny Han. These are the quotes I got from her most recent released book ‘P.S. I still love you’. Though, I loved the first book (To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before), I must say that I fell in love with this book because even after weeks of finishing it, I still can’t get it off my mind. It somehow found its way to my soul. Enjoy learning and get inspired too!

“If we just hold on tight enough, it will all be okay.”

“So seeing her cry sets my world, and this house, off its axis. Everything feels tilted somehow.”

“Society is far too caught up in shaming a woman for enjoying sex and applauding a man. I mean, all of the comments are about how Lara Jean is a slut, but nobody’s saying anything about Peter, and he’s right there with her. It’s a ridiculous double standard.”

“Your body is yours to protect and to enjoy. Whoever you should choose to partake in that enjoyment, that is your choice, and choose wisely. Every man that ever got to touch me was afforded an honor. A privilege.”

“At first it was scary, but then I liked it too. Part of me wants to just stay next to you forever. I could easily do that. I could love you forever.”

(Now this one’s my favorite!)↓

“People come in and out of your life. For a time they are your world; they are everything. And then one day they’re not. There’s no telling how long you will have them near.”

“It’s the good-byes that are hard.”

“The first isn’t necessarily the last, but it will always be the first, and that’s special. Firsts are special.”

“‘You’re not my first,’ Peter says. ‘But you’re the most special to me, because you’re the girl I love, Lara Jean.”

“So much of love is chance. There’s something scary and wonderful about that.”

“I know now that I don’t want to love or be loved in half measures. I want it all, and to have it all, you have to risk it all.”

I’ve shed tears reading this book. Not as complex as others, but readers can easily relate to what’s happening with the story and I think that’s enough to touch the reader’s hearts. Teenage life, double standards, living up to society’s standards, insecurities, and family. It’s all there. All in one book. Now if you haven’t read it yet, grab your copy and read it now. It’s worth every second.


P.S. I love you, Jenny Han!

Rate: 8/10